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As you can see by these pictures (some several years old) we have alot of fun in our club!
We cook hamburgers and play golf to raise money, then we turn around and give all the money away to those in need.

Scholarship Winners

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IMG_0628_edited.jpg (52kb) IMG_0664.jpg (84kb) IMG_0666.jpg (82kb) IMG_0667.jpg (82kb) IMG_0668.jpg (93kb) IMG_0671.jpg (80kb)
IMG_0672.jpg (77kb) IMG_0808.jpg (71kb) IMG_0810.jpg (77kb) IMG_0812.jpg (80kb) IMG_5224.jpg (69kb) IMG_5877.jpg (42kb)
IMG_6172.jpg (64kb) IMG_6632.jpg (55kb) IMG_6637.jpg (90kb) IMG_6638.jpg (91kb) IMG_6639.jpg (88kb) IMG_6641.jpg (107kb)
IMG_6643.jpg (109kb) IMG_6644.jpg (103kb) IMG_7290.jpg (74kb) IMG_7291.jpg (56kb) IMG_9157.jpg (61kb) IMG_9216_edited.jpg (42kb)
IMG_9226.jpg (46kb) IMG_9228.jpg (59kb) IMG_9541.jpg (82kb) IMG_9542.jpg (109kb) IMG_9544.jpg (87kb) IMG_9550.jpg (65kb)
IMG_9551.jpg (69kb) P0000879.jpg (66kb) P0001781.jpg (48kb) P0002198.jpg (48kb) P0002755.jpg (45kb) P0004309.jpg (57kb)
P0004312.jpg (64kb) s.jpg (32kb) t.jpg (55kb) w.jpg (44kb) x.jpg (67kb) z.jpg (47kb)

Do any of these guys look familiar?